No-compromise pizza

We brought together our bakery team in Sweden and they spent two days baking, taking the time to create a pizza without any short cuts. When Jan finally decided “this is it” we had our ‘no-compromise pizza’.

The rumour spread around and in the first 8 weeks we sold 5,000 pizza (that’s really not bad given we are situated in the heart of the Swedish country-side, in the middle of no where . . . )

Okay, let´s be honest – we didn´t invent the concept of a ‘no-compromise pizza’.

We´ve been very much inspired by The Cheeseboard in Berkeley, Ca. A great place!

Ever since summer faded we´ve been thinking about bringing our no-compromise pizza to Quartermile, Edinburgh. Being busy already, we just couldn´t make up our minds, if it was a good idea to add more work-load.

But we just can´t resist.

From Friday January 20 , we will be making our pizza everyday from 4 pm and extend our opening hours to 10 pm . We will take the same care and patience as we do in Sweden, using sourdough, Shipton Mill flour and our own special tomato sauce recipe.

Just as in Sweden you will only have a choice of 3 types of Pizza:

- Vegetarian

- Salami Ventricina or Parma ham.

- Anchovies

They will be £10 each .

We will also serve 3 red wines and a white at a fair price. No more.

There will be one or two desserts .

That´s all.

No table service and no reservations.

We want to keep things simple so that we can do it well.