The natural choice for cheese

Selected for us by long time fan or Peter’s Yard cripsbread and food author Signe Johansen, this eclectic mix of cheeses deserved an unusual photo.

Signe explains:

Scandinavia doesn’t have quite as many cheeses as the UK but there are some very interesting ones and they are becoming more widely available here. This board was chosen to show a selection of Scandinavian cheese that are relatively easy to find in the UK and hence encourage people to try something new.

All are quite firm in texture and would traditionally be served using a cheese slice rather than a knife. Serve with radishes, apples or a tart fruit jelly.

The cheeses are:

Snofirsk Goats (bright white cheese): a semi hard goats cheese from Norway with a a mild slightly acidic flavour that becomes richer on the palate.

Ekte Gjetost (brown cubes): a firm cheese made from whey that is simmered down to create an unusual caramel flavoured cheese balanced by acidity from the goats milk. A cheese that divides opinion. A traditional breakfast cheese in Norway but surprisingly delicious toasted.

Aged Jarlsberg (wedge with holes): another Norwegian cheese, slightly sweet and nutty with an extra complexity from longer ageing.

Vasterbotten (small yellowy blocks): a hard cow’s milk cheese from Sweden. It has a slightly grainy texture with a complex salty bitter taste a little like parmesan.