The Dip Society’s ‘Hass’-le Free Guacamole

Time is precious and crafting delicious dips can be complex, fortunately we’ve taken the ‘Hass’-le out, with this delicious guacamole recipe. Simple, scrummy and worthy of any Dip Society social event.


3 charred habanero chillies
Juice of 1 lime
50ml extra virgin olive oil
Half a white onion diced
1 whole avocado diced
8 small cherry tomatoes quartered
1 garlic clove
Fresh coriander to taste 


In a pestle & mortar smash the onion & garlic followed by the olive oil & lime juice.

When evenly combined,  add the avocado and mash to your preferred texture – we use a fork to keep it chunky.

Once looking (almost) good enough to eat, add the chopped tomatoes & chillies and work through the avocado until evenly spread.

Finish with coriander to your liking.