Great Taste

Joanna Blythman, food journalist, writer, & restaurant critic
“. . . blimey, you feel like falling on your knees and worshipping. Peter’s Yard seems to have been jetted in from Planet Foodie, or failing that Sweden, to show us all what a really excellent bakery café can be like. Even the crispbread (usually about as appetising as hamsters bedding) is out of this world!”

Martin Wishart- Michelin starred restaurant in Scotland
“My customers and I both enjoy the exquisite flavour and texture of Peter’s crispbread”

Fiona Beckett Award winning food and drink Journalist, author of Cheese Course
“The charmingly rustic looking Swedish Crispbread from Peter’s Yard, taste of bread; plain, crisp and delicious they are a great companion for cheese”

Nicola – Number 2 Pound Street
“Peters Yard is the only neutral item in the market that goes well with everything….I am so pleased you have the range of sizes that you do as they fit for all different occasions….it was exactly what we needed. For our customers it has become a cupboard staple…people come to us specifically for it…. Whenever we restock the shelves we quickly see a dent in it [the fixture]”

Colum Lanigan Ryan – General Food Manager, La Rousse Foods Ltd
“Peters Yard is a very innovative product. It’s not often that you come across something new within what is believed to be an already saturated market. It’s uniqueness is in several forms; it is light and crisp making it the perfect carrier for various options from being a base for a snack to a base for a starter to an acompliment to cheese.It’s taste is unique without overpowering what ever goes with it. It’s various sizes lend themselves to a multiple of uses. The medium or large would be great in a bread basket and would capture the old phrase ‘lets break bread’ and the large one could form the base of a cheese platter”.

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